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A need for speed


It's almost that time of year again, when Classic Car enthusiats, downhill, speed loving, adrenalin pumping racing drivers and mud spattered 4X4 challengers of all ages descend on the beautiful town of Knysna for the Knysna Speed Festival

10 days packed to the brim with exciting events all revolving around cars - fast cars, classic cars, go karts and soap box carts to name but a few.  When the Simola valley is not reverberating with the sound of revving engines, the Knysna High School sports fields will be rocking to the sounds of Rapid Auto Fire and other local bands.


By now you are probably thinking: 'What do fast cars and loud music have to do with JB Custom Joinery?' Well, the answer is that we don't really have anything to do with the fast motorised cars but we have a lot to do with the smaller, one speed, gravity propelled Soap Box Carts.  At the 2011 Knysna Speed Festival, a surprise event was launched - The Knysna Soap Box Derby.It was a great success and so was kept on the cards for the 2012 Speed Festival. 

A few months ago the Speed Festival organisers approached us and asked if we could look at manufacturing the timber components for the 2012 Soap Box Carts; and so the project grew from there. Something a little out of the ordinary for us but a fun project to work on; nothing better than a small diversion from the norm to encourage us to think out of the box.                  


The cart, which was originally designed by a local engineer, is supplied in kit form all boxed and ready to go. Thanks to Dwell Designs, the kit now comes complete with detailed assembly instructions.

The body of the cart is manufactured out of Pine which is supplied unfinished (ie no paint, stains or sealers applied to the wood) this allows the owner to personalise the cart with his or her own choice of colour and branding or personal logo. The kit also includes the steel axles, rubber tyres,a steering rope and all the necessary dowels, screws and fittings required to put the cart together. A big shout out to PennyPinchers who sponser the whole event and who will be hosting the build day on Saturday 12th May at their premises in the Knysna Industrial area. (For directions to Penny Pinchers please click here)


So if you are looking for something to do this weekend, why not pop past PennyPinchers to watch the participating teams building and decorating their carts, it is guaranteed to be a highly engergized and entertaining morning.  The 'build' starts at 915am and will last a couple of hours, so be sure to get there early. 

The Knysna Soap Box Derby race days are the 16th May for the Open and Corporate teams and the 17th May for the Primary and Seconday Schools teams, both of which are sure to be adrenalin pumping, nail biting race days.  JB Custom Joinery have entered a team into the corporate challenge and we have extended a challenge out to other local woodworking companies. 

Our cart is ready, our team prepped so now we eagerly await the 16th May - ready to take on our challengers! For a sneak preview of what we have gotten our selves into, click here for a video clip from last years event. 

We hope to see you there.